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Alice and her Eclipse DVD (This is a crazy story)

On December 4th at midnight if you a Twilight fan you might now that Eclipse came out on DVD at midnight December 4th.So Alice made me,and my mom take her to get it at midnight on DVD.So we went to Wal-mart and when we got there we were the 3rd people in line! We got there at 11:15 pm so while we were waiting i was looking at the lap tops and stuff that i want for Christmas while Alice and my mom waited in line and the lap tops and stuff were right near us.When I came back Alice had to go to the bathroom and wanted me to go with her. When we came back I looked at other DVD's to stall time.I saw the Hannah Montana Forever DVD and went back to line to show my mom and asked if I can get it.Before she answered a fire alarm went off. :O Everyone came rushing out of the building and I set the DVD on boxes.It was really cold outside so me and Alice cuddled together to keep warm.Like 2 minutes later fire trucks,ambulence,and some police came and fire fighters walked in the building and looked around.15 minutes later they came out and said "The buildings all clear you can go in now." Everyone cheered and went running into the building to get a good spot inline for the Eclipse DVD's. Alice was the fastest out of me, and my mom.She turned out to be 5th in line.Soon 2 people came walking down the isle with a cart full of Eclipse DVD's everyone was cheering and Alice happily got her Eclipse DVD and said My DVD not yours the whole way home.But the next day she was trying to get the bonus futures disk out and it cracked.She was crying.So right now Alice and my mom are exchanging it.

And yes we are talking about Alice Crept.

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